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Garage Owners Insurance

We have seen trends in your industry that are affecting your business. Providence Financial is helping dealers see around the corners. Many dealers and repair shops with a dealer license experience more self-insured losses today than they did 10 years ago because the necessary coverage is no longer available by their insurance company. WE HAVE SOLUTIONS FOR THESE TRENDS!

  • What would your bottom-line look like if you did not have a per vehicle deductible for wind and hail? 
  • What would be the cost of your insurance if your Dealers Blanket Coverage was rated on an average value of the open lot, not the maximum value?
  • What would it mean to you to have your Garage Keepers coverage on an Actual Loss Sustained basis and avoid co-insurance penalties?
  • Our Dealers enjoy reimbursement on the customers' autos at a Retail Value with NO maximum value rather than the Actual Cash Value of the autos!
  • Are you currently getting Group Discount if you belong to an Auto Dealer Association? We offer group discounts under OUR programs.

Would these solutions be beneficial to your business?  Can we meet with you to show you how our program is knocking out the competition?  CALL US TODAY AT 605.INSURED (605.467.8733)!

Common Garage Insurance Coverages

Commercial Property

Provides protection for your buildings, business personal property and property of others.

Commercial Umbrella

Covers large liability losses that exceed the limits of the underlying garage liability policy.

Dealer's Blanket

Provides Physical Damage coverage for the vehicles, boats, ATVs, and equipment you own, such as the ones held on the lot for sale by the dealership. Owned vehicles driven to work or furnished to others may also be covered. Unlimited coverage is available under certain conditions.

Garage Liability

Provides coverage for incidents resulting from your business operations, such as customer slip and falls, damage to others’ property, use of vehicles in your garage business and more.


Covers physical damage to customers’ vehicles in your possession for repair. Different garagekeepers policies cover different things.

Legal Liability

This is typically the least expensive garage package available. It comes in to play if a customer's vehicle is damaged but the customer must prove that you are legally liable in order to recover damages from your insurance. This is not typically a good choice as it doesn't end well for your relationship with your customer.

Direct Excess

This is much better than legal liability because there aren't any stipulations that require your customer to prove your negligence. This coverage is only applicable AFTER the client files a claim with their own personal auto insurance carrier. If their policy doesn't cover all of the damages, then the garagekeepers policy would apply.

Direct Primary

This is by far the best coverage available to you, mostly because in the event that a customer's vehicle is damaged while in your possession, it removes the burden of proof from your customer. Thereby helping to retain a strong customer relationship. Basically, you, as the garage owner, are taking responsibility for any claims and you are not putting any additional burdens on your customers to file a claim with their own insurance company. Direct primary is definitely a win-win situation.

Of the three coverages described, direct primary is the best coverage for you to obtain.

Inland Marine

Offers a variety of coverages that protect your property while away from your primary location including tools, employee tools, laptops, and machinery and equipment.

Tools & Equipment

You depend on them to get the job done, make sure your tools and equipment are protected.

Workers Compensation

Covers work-related injuries to your employees.

Additional Garage Insurance Coverages

Drive Other Car Coverage

Provides coverage to an auto you do not own, similar to what is provided under a Personal Auto policy. This is important if you are insuring your business and your personal auto liability on the same policy.

False Pretense

Protects your dealership from certain types of fraud or theft. For example, theft during a test drive or acquiring a vehicle without legal title.

Mechanics E&O

Covers damage caused by faulty parts or work done by you or your employees.

Protection and Indemnity for Boat Repair

Provides liability coverage while operating a watercraft.

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